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Time is flying like crazy here at TIKI, and with another week and 66k+ total people signed up, the time has come to update you on our product roadmap and what we’re building right now.

What has been released?

As of the time of writing this update, we’ve just released TIKI’s Beta app v0.0.8, with first access given to the super fans of TIKI on our Discord, Telegram and Signal communities. The Beta is not public on the app stores, and is available to download for both iOS and Android via the link below.

Hey y’all,

It’s been a while since we last updated you all, and this is entirely on us.

The TIKI movement has been growing extremely fast (50,000 sign-ups!), and we had to focus on managing all this excitement. As a small team, this is not always easy, and we had to re-focus and re-organize our plans a bit.

At the end of March, we released a basic version of the app that only includes login and referrals. We’ve only made it this far because we only have Mike to work on it. …

How to install TIKI’s first app release

Hello, TIKI tribe! The big day is here, the TIKI app has now launched!
If you’re reading this, you are probably among the first to know about the launch, as you have signed up for TIKI early on, and are mostly likely to be part of our community or follow us on social media.

We are so lucky to have you all, and we truly appreciate all your love! We know this moment has been long waited for by many of you, and we cannot express enough how much your support means to us.

To make the best of our…

Our first release is just days away, and we wanted to let you know our future plans

Hello everyone! It’s happening. We are launching TIKI in the next few days, and today we’d like to share what our product roadmap will look like. Our roadmap is based on your feedback, which has been amazing and super helpful — keep feeding it back in, so we know what you’d like!

In this article, we have put the ink down to the virtual paper, so that you all have a clear and very transparent view of what our plans are.

Release 1.0: Launch release

You might already know that TIKI’s 1st release is scheduled for the week commencing 22 Mar 2021*. This release…

Taking a stance on inequality in the workplace. 2021 edition.

This International Women’s Day, the hashtag is #choosetochallenge. This means choosing to challenge the status quo, and to openly speak about the issues that tip the balance of gender equality.

Now, over the years I have been in many social groups focusing on gender equality, as a rather passive observant. I have always been busy with my numerous day to day tasks, ploughing through the pile of work, and never finding enough time to reminisce and comment on the status quo.
This year, I feel like speaking up. Backed by the power of data.

Firstly, let’s address the elephant(s) in…

We have news for you — find out what’s happening in the world of TIKI!

This is it! The end of January is here, and we have news for you.

Our user feedback channel is now live and ready to get your thoughts, opinions, wishes, or anything TIKI related that you’d like to share with us.

Why we need your thoughts

We are building TIKI differently than other companies. Most new companies first build their apps, then ask for feedback.

At TIKI, we have taken a different approach. We start by asking YOU about what you want to see in the app. Why? …

Here is our game plan on how we’re going to take back the internet and get you paid.

Our launch plan

In this article, you will find out more about our journey, what our game plan is, and how you can help us reach our goal of getting all users paid their fair share quicker.

We have broken our journey in 3 stages, below you will find detailed information for each of them:

  1. Getting 10,000 email sign ups.
    We need 10,000 email sign ups to make sure everyone gets their fair share.
    Also, the more people sign up, the greater the pay is!

5 key lessons we learned from the creation of TIKI’s brand identity

Exciting times! TIKI went out of stealth mode and we embarked on our core mission empowering people to take back control of their data!

But how can we show who we truly are?

The answer is: branding. One of the first projects I got involved with upon joining TIKI was to create branding that reflects our values as a company.

For anyone who’s come across the lean startup concept, you will know that, at an early stage of a startup, it is important to be lean and do…

Should graphic designers use their skills to participate in political activism?

Image by Sagmeister & Walsh via It’s Nice That

Less than a year ago I really didn’t care about politics. Everything changed within 6 months. But it is not only me.

More and more designers are now being politically active and use their skills to fight for causes they believe in. From commercial graphic design studios like Sagmeister & Walsh (US) and Jonathan Barnbrook (UK), to the all time politically active designers Metahaven (NL), political activism is seen to re-emerge once again on the graphic design agenda.

We all thought that the days when design was a heavy…

Or how we decided to learn from our mistakes

Our participation in the MedTech VR Hackathon in London

OK, I haven’t done many hackathons. In fact, I have only done two. But what I started to realise after the first one is that hackathons have a lot in common with many other challenges in life — you challenge yourself once, you might fail, then you only have to have the courage to try again… Who knows, you might eventually win!

We, at Dual Good had already ‘failed’ once. So we knew that we needed to get up and participate in the MedTech VR Hackathon at the Realities Centre London. Here is what we learned from the experience.

Challenge yourself to participate even if you are not an expert


Anna Stoilova

Entrepreneurship | Product design | Co-founder of @dualgoodhealth & @mytiki.

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