Product Roadmap Update — May ‘21

Anna Stoilova
4 min readMay 15, 2021

Your data. Your decisions. Our plan to get you there.

Time is flying like crazy here at TIKI, and with another week and 66k+ total people signed up, the time has come to update you on our product roadmap and what we’re building right now.

What has been released?

As of the time of writing this update, we’ve just released TIKI’s Beta app v0.0.8, with first access given to the super fans of TIKI on our Discord, Telegram and Signal communities. The Beta is not public on the app stores, and is available to download for both iOS and Android via the link below.

Download TIKI’s Beta app

What’s next?

We‘ve now started to work on the core features of the TIKI app, starting with features focused on privacy which will allow you to have more visibility of your online data and make informed decisions on who else can see it.

The next feature we will release is the ability to link your Gmail account and see what data Gmail holds on you.

We have listed this, and other features we’re currently building in our detailed Product Roadmap, which is updated live so we can keep you all updated as we progress.

TIKI’s Product Roadmap
TIKI’s Product Roadmap

Here are the 3 top features we’re releasing in the next month:

1. Link your Gmail and see what data it holds on you (info)

2. Unsubscribe from SPAM (info)

3. List security issues of the emails you receive (info)

In the roadmap, you can also leave comments for each feature, although the best way to leave new feature requests is our feedback page.

The next feature we will release is the ability to link your Gmail account and see what data Gmail holds on you.

See TIKI’s Product roadmap

Our launch, explained

I’ve been asked about why we released a super early version of the app, and are adding each app’s core feature one by one, instead of doing a full blast big release. In software development, this is called “soft launch”.

When building a software product every single functionality is important. To have every bit to be as good as it can be, testing early for bugs is key. This is why we release it in stages. So that we can make sure that every bit of the app is as good as it can be.

Plus, we’re a super small team so we don’t have the resources to hire a large coding team. right now. The only way to speed up the process is to get more people to sign up so we can get investment and grow the dev team quicker (as described in our last product update)!

You can always help us get there quicker by sharing TIKI with your friends (tip: use the referral code in the app to get some cash for it).

Follow our future progress

As we always aim to be as transparent as possible, we have 3 website channels in total for you to see what we’re building now and in the future. Each of them serves a different purpose, and has different level of view of our product development cycle — from top view, to a super detail view at a technical level.

Our 3 channels to see all product development:

1. Feedback & feature requests — easily leave comment on our feedback channel [Big picture view]

2. Product roadmap— check what we’re building in the upcoming months [Mid level view]

3. Github releases— check daily dev progress [Micro view, technical]

As for the big picture of where we are going, check Mike’s article here on what our grand vision is, an expect more updates and prototypes soon.

We’re working hard to make our product vision a reality so that you can finally get your data back. Because it’s YOUR data. It must be YOUR decision on what to do with it.

All yours,
Anna and the TIKI team

Together, we’ll take back the internet.

If you have any questions, you can always chat to us directly in our community channels Discord, Telegram or Signal. And please sign up at
We are building an app FOR USERS, BY USERS. We want to be in communication with you in order to build the best app possible!

Anna Stoilova